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    WCF have been operating for over 20 Years. Mark has built up a relationship with his customers that is second to none. The same customers keep coming back.


    We specialise in carpet & vinyl supplies and fitting flooring to your home and house's.


    Please feel free to enquire about bespoke commercial fittings by completing the form below.


    Westcountry Flooring always provide free estimates and a fast & friendly service right across North Devon.

  • Stairs / Landing Carpets

    Stairs / Landings

    Usually, the hallway in your home is the first area friends and reletives see when they visit you.


    Why not let Westcountry Flooring transform your stairway to really personalise your space….

    Kitchen Vinyl Laminate Flooring


    The kitchen is one of the most frequently used room in your home.


    With daily use all those spillages with people always in and out you need to make the correct choice to ensure you do not have to replace the flooring on a more frequent basis than needed.

    Living room carpet

    Front / Living Room

    The Front / Living room is one of the most important room in your house.


    It's paramount that you lay a quality carpet that makes your lounge not just relaxing but comfortable and unique to your choice of style.

    Bathroom Flooring


    Whіlе often one of thе smaller roomѕ in thе house, the bаthrооm саn still hаvе trеmеndоuѕ visual іmрасt, theres a real varity of methods to trаnѕfоrm your space into something new.

    Bedroom Carpet Flooring


    Carpet is the choice for bedroom flooring 98% of the time. It would be hard getting out of bed on those cold winter mornings without a soft and warm surface underfoot.


    A good bedroom carpet will provide a insulating effect retaining warmth and noise reduction qualities for a good nights sleep.

  • Testimonials

    Mrs Lisa Livett Palmer

    Brilliant service from Westcountry flooring from original visit, advice on flooring and the installation itself.


    Would certainly use again and will recommend. Thank you very much were really pleased with the end result.

    Mr Mark Sinclair

    Really good carpet fitter and top man would highly recommend.


    Thanks for the work you have done at our place.

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